The Best Comics Art Fiction

      Originally, comics were surreal and depicted the surreal world in their pages. However, with an established audience, comics began addressing more realistic issues and the art style became more photorealistic, giving the characters more human characteristics and a more cinematic feel. An excellent example of realistic storytelling is Spider-Man, which features a … Read more

Self-Defense Through Martial Arts

      Humans have been involved in conflicts since they first walked the earth. Conflicts have generally arisen from differences in opinion, or a struggle for power. When primitive tools were available, humans used them to fight, and even kill, one another. With that desire to improve our condition, we have also developed martial … Read more

Wallpaper Art Trends for 2018

      If you’re looking for a way to liven up your walls, wallpaper is a great option. Some people prefer soft pastel colors in their kitchen, while others prefer bold modern prints. Whatever your personal style, a wallpaper art piece will transform your walls and look gorgeous once hung. Here are some ideas … Read more

Art Games

      An art game is a work of interactive new media digital software art. The term is often used to describe a particular genre of serious video games. Art games often incorporate elements of classical painting and sculpture. In addition to incorporating artistic elements into the game experience, art games can also be … Read more

How Text Art Performs Visual Research

      Text art is an excellent example of conceptual minimalism. This type of art is easy to produce and does not require any particular language to function. Although it is simple to create, it performs visual research. Several works of text art can be found on the internet. The main characteristic of text … Read more