How to Make Crafting Art Ideas

      If you’ve ever wondered how to make art projects, you’ve come to the right place! There are countless ways to turn everyday items into works of art. For example, you can create a handbag out of an old T-shirt. You can also repurpose plastic spoons into clocks, vases, and mirrors. Even a … Read more

Types of Crafting Art

    If you love creating things, crafting is a great way to express yourself. You can learn about different types of crafting art here. If you’re interested in Decorative crafts, you might want to explore metalworking or decorative textiles. In addition to handicrafts, there are a number of other crafts that you can try … Read more

The Open Art Network and ART Networks

    The Pool is an online environment for collaboration, part of the Open Art Network. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Pool will be an important new resource for new-media scholars, and could even play a role in tenure and promotion. The Pool features a thought-mesh system for discovering online scholarship and … Read more

The Elements of Art

        If you have ever looked at a painting, you’ve most likely noticed that the artist used several elements to make the image work. These elements include Lines, Shape, Color, Intensity, Value, and Materiality. Understanding these elements will help you create works of art that convey a clear message. Learn about each … Read more

The Benefits of Art Studios

        There are many benefits of having an art studio. Besides providing a safe place to work, a studio is an excellent location for art therapy sessions and presentations from artists. A great studio can also serve as a place to gather in a group after a visit to a gallery or … Read more